Member Benefits

  • Professional Development, Mentoring & Supervision. One of the greatest opportunities that professionals can find in an organization is the chance to invest in their professional development and the development of others. Many ArMHCA members are LAC Supervisors who are committed to the ongoing mentorship of professionals beyond supervision. ArMHCA encourages long-term relationships for continued support across disciplines and regions. 
  • Build Your Professional Network. Foster relationships centered around a mutual passion for mental wellness. Communicate regularly with other mental health professionals and serve as a resource in expanding connectivity.
  • Conferences. Stay connected in a meaningful way, by interacting with colleagues in a setting that promotes opportunities to learn, grow and collaborate.
  • Continuing Education. Obtain required CE’s each year at a discounted rate. Regional CE events often targeted to meet the needs of local concerns.  
  • Career Opportunities. Share information about opportunities available in your area. Expand your resume to include professional organization membership.
  • Community Involvement & Education. Promote mental health awareness in your area through participation in activities that help break the stigma surrounding mental health.  
  • Access to resources. Maintain current awareness of specialty providers in specific locations to improve access to care around the state.
  •  New perspective. Be inspired by others in the field who may offer a different approach to traditional services. 
  • Promoting yourself / Agency/ Company. Market yourself and your company. Word of mouth is powerful advertising. 
  • Keeping Current. Information updates from the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling is reported regularly.

** Regional Perks. Regional Chapters may offer incentives specific to the region.

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