Retreat Speaker Details – 2018

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM R.A.D

Sky Collins, LMSW

Parenting and Reactive Attachment

Parenting a child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder is very difficult and many families are not finding resources support in their areas. Providing Brainspotting therapy as Mental Health Provider has helped many clients. Presentation will assist professionals understand the brain, behaviors, families struggles, and how a MHP can best assist a family.

  1. Understanding of a child’s brain with Reactive Attachment.
  2. Understanding the daily crisis families live.
  3. Best practices with Families and their children
  4. Best practices for MHP who see clients with dx of RAD


Jameela Jackson LAMFT, LAC

Exploring the “person” in interpersonal relationships: identifying unhelpful thoughts and habits that have a negative effect on building healthy relationships.

Helping our clients to see that people need people. We want to help clinicians find ways to work with clients to explore thoughts and behaviors related to their fears of getting close to others, and finding a safe space to express their needs, wants, and expectations with people within their support system.

  1. Helping clients see the benefits of nurturing relationships in their life;
  2. Helping clients explore how their own negative thoughts tie into unhealthy patterns in their relationships;
  3. Helping clients establish boundaries to increase healthy interactions with others.

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM DANCE THERAPY

Joseph Bocage Few LPC, BC-DMT

Restoring Vitality: Harnessing the body’s innate wisdom to integrate trauma while building resiliency

Workshop will give overview a brief overview of Dance/Movement Therapy including how somatic therapy can be utilized to treat trauma. There will be experiential exercises, PowerPoint slides and discussion.

  1. Body warm up- mindfulness practice
  2. PowerPoint about DMT
  3. Discussion
  4. Experiential exercises relating to regulation of nervous system, building resiliency, personal grounding


Lauren Levine LPC

Create Change

The process of creativity often begins in chaos and being in a state of “not knowing.” The same can be felt at various times of our life. One may feel a certain amount of chaos trying to navigate life. I will share from the view that life is a creative process where endless possibilities are available to us as we listen to and free up imagination. Using the framework of creativity and arts in psychotherapy can assist in looking at oneself and our issues from a fresh vantage point and can help break through stuck places. This experiential presentation will give participants a glimpse into the field of expressive arts therapy and how image, personal symbols and metaphor emerge and transform. Personal growth and development is fostered as one gains access to inner resources for healing.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM ETHICS

Dr. Kathleen Wallace Ph.D, LPC-S, NCC

Ethical Implementation of Intuition in Counseling

This presentation will define intuition and address the ethical implementation of intuition in the counseling setting. Situational examples will be used to highlight potential dynamics. The ACA Code of Ethics will be the basis of ethical standards, and articles in referred journals will provide supporting research. Interaction is encouraged!

  1. Define intuition
  2. Learn the ethics regarding intuition
  3. Apply intuition within the counseling setting