ArMHCA Annual Conference Poster Session – 2020


The poster session is a great opportunity for students to share their research proposals as well as network with other professionals, students, potential employers and internship sites. Participation in the poster session looks great on a resume and in a professional portfolio!

Submission Deadline:

Submissions must be made by March 20th, 2020.

Time/Date of Poster Session:

(Will be announced.)


Marriott Hotel Little Rock, AR

Preparing to Present At the Poster Session

Poster Size and Material

The poster board should be the standard stiff board, with three sides, and able to stand alone (i.e. – without an easel).

Additional Items to Bring

We recommend you bring at least 50 copies of your handout materials. Do not bring slides or transparencies – the required audio/visual technology for this will not be available in the poster session area.

Setting up for The Poster Session

You will need to set up your poster early in the day so as to allow other conference attendees to view your work throughout the day. Your poster space will be reserved for you – all you will need to do is locate your assigned area, which will be designated by your name.

Designated Poster Session Times

During specified poster session times, you will need to stand by your poster in order to answer any questions and to engage in discussions with attendees and poster session judges who will be circulating the poster session area during designated times. You will need to take your poster down at the end of the day. You can present as an individual or as part of a team of up to three members.

Tips for A Great Poster Session

  • Include attention-grabbing components : (ex: intriguing graphics such as drawings, photos, charts, materials that can inspire discussion)
  • Limit use of text: You don’t need full sentences. Consider using bullet points.
  • Provide a brief and focused overview of your topic and research.

Submitting Your Poster Presentation Proposal

Complete the form below by March 20th, 2020.